Talent is fundamental for enterprise development, and is the first productive force that promotes the development of enterprises by leaps and bounds. The company attaches great importance to team building, introduces talents from multi-channels and offers systematic and comprehensive training and broad promotion platform for the talents, to provide strong guarantee for the enterprise in the fierce competition.

In the talent introduction, establish sustained and innovative talent introduction mechanism, open up campus recruitment, social recruitment and other channels to recruit excellent talents widely, and provide many opportunities for practice and actual combat as well as the stage and space for growth and development.

In the talent cultivation, establish a comprehensive and systematic training system, with the cultural integration as the key, to implement standardized mentoring system, so as to improve the staff capability level in practice, and cultivate a number of business backbones and management talents in all aspects for the company.

In the talent development, provide broad development space and promotion platform. The subjective initiative of employees is maximized, their inner potential is tapped to the greatest extent, and the company also forms a good incentive atmosphere.